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Ixeo’s founders

Ixeo requires a high quality team and we have one. Made up of a technically distinguished group of the best specialists in each field, our team is non-conformist, very innovative and determined to break with the established practice of large company management systems, changing the status quo and improving today´s harsh reality.
Ixeo, an intelligent system made by and for people.

Innovative and dynamic

Ixeo is made up of the best and most experienced talent in each of its areas of expertise.

This phenomenal team, seeking to improve the present, is the ideal breeding ground to design and develop completely new ideas that break with the established culture.

Having the best talent at our disposal not only gives us the ability to integrate the latest and most powerful technologies, create robust systems, etc., but also allows us to take care of every aesthetic and functional detail of our systems.

We do not sell hot air

In fact, personally, we hate hot air. If our products do not solve your problems, we will not try to convince you otherwise.

And when we mean hot air, we also refer to anything sold as if it were the best, but that ends up being a disappointment. This may be the case, for example, of those projects that were born from great ideas, but, due to cutting corners, later turned into a substandard product at the implementation stage, instead of the great product that it was meant to be. We are very careful to avoid this happening.

We add value

For Ixeo, an integral part of customer service is to provide cutting edge products that meet client needs, significantly reducing costs and justifying the investment that they have made by acquiring our software.

At Ixeo, our aim is to save companies. We invariably find that our clients have an undeniable technical capacity, but lag far behind in management matters. They want to modernise, but the large multinational management software on offer does not allow them to, since the solutions offered do not meet their specific needs, quite apart exorbitant price. Ixeo wants to change all of this by offering solutions that finally solve the problems that companies actually have.

Meeting customer needs necessarily involves another implicit aim and that is to put an “ear to ear” smile on the faces of all our users with our intelligent systems. We aim to make them feel comfortable using these systems, and that their feedback consist of phrases like “I cannot believe that this is so easy to do,” “finally something useful for work” or “what a useful tool”.

A new way of doing things

To reach the Smart Revolution, you need to venture into new paths and sometimes into the unknown. You have to explore undiscovered areas and do things differently. This is why the results match our motto “a new way of doing things.”

Why? Because we want to demonstrate that offering quality products, having a motivated team within our company and achieving our goals (in short, “do things right”), are all compatible goals.

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