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The Essence

Ixeo One´s primary mission is:

To implement an intelligent system, both in terms of software and hardware, able to collect any relevant company information, without users hardly realising it, in order to process and manage the various decisions to save costs and meet deadlines.


IXEO One is designed for companies that produce products of medium to high complexity, and its production is based, to a greater or lesser extent, on labor, i.e., that do not have an 100% automated assembly line. The perfect example is the aeronautical industry.

Sectors in which Ixeo works:






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Web app technology
for smartphone

Any user can access your profile from any computer without losing your custom settings. For those who do not have a fixed place of work, this can be done from your Smartphone just as fast.


Analysing information has never been easier. You can set up custom reports that are updated in real time. These reports can be used for personal use, as indicators of the departments or even the company itself.


We believe that Business Intelligence is about more than displaying information. The Ixeo Business Intelligence Engine calculates trends, alerts the responsible person when something goes wrong, advises regarding the best decisions and rearranges everything to deliver on time and at the lowest possible cost.

Traceability and

All information, including that which is no longer used, is protected and kept safe. This information will be used for Data Mining and for anyone who needs it.


Ixeo uses the following structure


Desktops and laptops

Nowadays, who does not work in the office with a PC? Ixeo One takes advantage of the most used tool by office users to make their life easier.

Easy and Intuitive

Mobile devices

Tablets and Smartphones

If you do not have a PC nearby, it is not a problem. Through mobile devices, you can access Ixeo One quickly without move. In addition, Ixeo One takes advantage of all these devices´ functions (camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) in order to streamline and improve the work of its users.

Looking for mobility

Informational displays

On Site

In order to improve workplace visibility and speed up team meetings, Ixeo One has information screens at key points on the floor. In this fashion, anyone, even without a PC nearby, can view the status of work in progress and, in relation to team meetings, it shows a balance of what happened throughout the day.

Information on the same floor


Connectivity and positioning

Ixeo One includes the implementation of a Wi-Fi network on the whole floor to allow all mobile devices to connect and position them. This is one of the great revolutions that Ixeo introduces, the ability to analyze those areas that have been employed in each task. This information will be used by the system to plan in such a way that users do not disturb each other.

Everyone connected


Physical or Cloud

The Ixeo One service is a Cloud. This ensures immediate updates regarding the latest developments in safety and makes it possible to provide new functionality instantly. Although the Cloud option is the best and safest, there is the option of installing a physical server where necessary.

Immediate updates

in every way


The power of code

Designed to be robust


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