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The future is already here. lxeo, smart revolution, has arrived. A new way to turn hours into seconds and manage information optimally and safely.
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IXEO is Intelligent

It detects trends, predicting and planning for future situations. It recommends and puts forward new decisions

IXEO is Information

Collect any type of relevant information from the company, without users even realising

IXEO is Decision-making

Show which are the best decisions in terms of cost and delivery

IXEO is Evolving

It continually adapts to changing business conditions

A completely
outdated outlook

The 1st century before the Ixeo era

Worksheets as the main management tool, unintuitive, complex and outdated software.
We find a grim software landscape, which would seem to fit in better with centuries gone by than with the 21st century.

Is it logical to put up with these constraints and obstacles, which involve yet more effort and time? IXEO was born to answer this question:

Look at it!

We explain it to you


Always running back and forth

Although it may be hard to imagine, resolving doubts and decision-making often involves traveling long distances, which means a lot of wasted time and, therefore, money.

Is there no technology that allows us to avoid these constant journeys?


Blind spots

Currently, it is common to find companies that update their data manually, using shared folders or inappropriate programs, resulting in the appearance of blind spots where information is lost, goes unnoticed or is very difficult to check.

Do you want to live out this nightmare over and over again or do you prefer a smooth and fully updated information system, which can be accessed easily and intuitively?


Each to his own

When departments do not communicate with each other and their communication is not solid, departments only take their own needs into account. Without realizing it, their decisions often hurt other departments and, what is more, the interest of the company.

Do you want an intelligent management system that brings your company´s different departments into line?


Living on the edge

Often decisions initially appear to be correct, but then give rise to problems at a later date. At present, it is difficult to have all the necessary data at your disposal, and, even if you do, it is impossible to interpret it sufficiently with the equipment on offer.

Would you not rather have a system able to improve your productivity?

Your problems are at an end.
Ixeo has arrived


The 1st century after the Ixeo era

What makes us so special? The Ixeo experience, instead of a simple management system, is actually a constant struggle against mediocrity.
Need proof? Let us provide solutions instead

Here are
our solutions


Any user can access your profile from any computer without losing your custom settings. For those who do not have a fixed place of work, they can do this from their smartphone just as quickly.

Logical, right?


Analysing information has never been easier. You can set up custom reports that are updated

It has never been easier!


We believe that Business Intelligence is more than displaying information. The Ixeo Business Intelligence engine calculates trends, alerts the responsible person when something goes wrong, advises on the appropriate decisions and rearranges everything to be delivered on time and at the lowest possible cost.

You’re not alone!
You have the best possible advisor


All information, including that which is no longer used, is protected and kept safe. This information will be used for Data Mining and for anyone else who needs it.

What a relief!

And this is just the beginning

It’s time to get smart.
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